The Process

img_4182In our lives we have been through so much. I am sure that our paths have taken rough turns. Through these turns I want to ask how many of us have actually trusted God in the process. Have we had the “Now Faith” present for what we hope? What it means to trust Him in the process is that we lay our plans down in the midst of Him working. Choosing to provide God with assistance is just like telling Him we don’t trust Him to map out the plans concerning our lives. I have done this so many times. However when we lay it down I don’t mean do nothing. We must understand the principle of faith being dead without works. There are of course some things that we must do on our part in order for Gods plan to be complete. We can’t say that we trust God for spiritual growth and never pick up our word. The process for some could be a small act of obedience to pray for a fellow believer. When we avoid it, it makes things difficult for us. Processes can be complicated especially when we don’t understand what the expectations will be. I like to look at house plants. They won’t grow when they are not watered. There is a process to everything in our lives. Process requires submission from the believer. Not submitting to a specific process often times holds our growth back. The Bible says in Revelation 3:7 that God has the power and the key to open doors that no man can shut and the power to shut doors no man can open. What areas in your life have you decided not to submit to a specific process? How has it effected your growth? There is a saying I heard from a mentor that said, “What you don’t defeat, you are destined to repeat”.  I can’t imagine having to start over in a friendship, encounter, situation etc because I refused to walk in humility and let God have His way. We often struggle with some things because Looking at the details We want our way. You are not alone. How often we miss the heartbeat of our father when we act less then a Kings kid. Honoring Gods process means that we allow His will to be done, choosing God every time we say yes to Him. Even when it’s down to the tiniest details in life, the things we don’t think people see are the places it really matters. Some examples, how we treat our spouse, children, friends, strangers and family, it all matters. What I want people to glean from this is that life is about process.  God desires to grow us up in him. We don’t have to do this journey alone though. We can find friends that value your struggles and won’t betray your trust. There are women that you can go through difficult seasons with, with grace and style. They will be there with you watching God take you through the growth process and cheer you on, in some cases challenge you. Will you be willing to stand in the midst of the adversity and pressure and allow God to mature and groom your life? He does this by using time just like any other Element and living thing. He uses time with people, places and situations. God changes Caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, and coals into diamonds, all using time and pressure and he is working on you too!! Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time

In His Love

Erica Irvin

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