img_4554Thank you so much for joining us!! I can wait to share all the things that God will do, but 1st, lets discuss our purpose.  We are here to empower communities, families and generations.  We are not perfect but we believe God has placed us in this earth to uplift and encourage each other.  So please feel free to comment post or anything you wish to share!!.  What this will do for you?  It will give you a different perspective on being a wife, husband, leader or believer.  Our motto is Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance’s.  We believe that we have the power to encourage, exhort and push one another to beauty.  When we stick together we are strong! I hope to help you realize your worth and point you to a relationship with Christ.  So enjoy our blogs, podcast and discussions.  And guess what!! I won’t be the only one podcasting!! Could you be next to join our cast group?

The Podcast 

516ECC75-1DB8-4F1C-BF28-21440D010397We are so excited about our podcast.  Joining me will be a variety of guest speakers who love to share encouragement with others.  We will cover anything from Faith, Family, Fitness,  Finance’s, Ministry.  If you wish to join the bandwagon please contact us and request to be a part of our Podcast.  Each week we will be sharing something exciting so get ready and subscribe!!  Click the box below and send us a message!!


Lift Devotions

A Devotion's for Life, Health and Welness