The Wine Press

img_5378I wanted to approach this from a different perspective. We often shy away from discussions about wine because we fear the extremes that some may go. I never knew how this product was actually created until we visited the pineapple park in Okinawa Japan and got to experience some of the lessons taught by locals. The pineapple park had rows of bens filled with pineapple wine. Some soft and smooth and some stronger. I was always intrigued with how the makers where able to get so many different levels of strength and tastes. As for the wines, yes we drink it by mistake because we had no idea what was in the bens. So naturally we went in for the kill because those pineapples tasted amazing. We laughed and had an amazing time.


Free Run (Crushed)

I realized that there where two types of wine categories for wine being prepared. Free run and Press run are two methods used to make wine. Studies show that someimg_5372
winery’s only use the free run as it is much easier to create. Free run is simply draining the juice off of the grapes or lifted out or from solids just like a t-bag. During the process grapes are piled up onto one another and during the pressing process whatever comes out it is what is considered to be free juice, This method is simple and does not require pressing. An example of a free run wine is white wine.

Pressed juice

Pressing in winemaking is the process where the juice is extracted from the grapes with the aid of a wine press, by hand, or even by the weight of the grape berries and clusters. (Wikipedia) After the free run juice has been extracted by way of being crushed, the natural breakdowns of the grape cell walls during fermentation and its own weight are loaded in a press. This is the way that press juice process begins. The free run juice is crushed to pull out the juice and the pressed juice goes through a much harsher pressing process that ultimately makes excellent but stronger wines. One example we know o today that are of press juice origin is Red wine. Obviously it has a stronger taste and make up. Pressed Juice has a higher level of potassium and ph levels as well as more tannins or color.

The Process

The amount of damage to the fruit, the level of intensity in the pressing as well as the type of machine all play a huge part in the wines influence, taste, texture, balance and instability. Even how the wine and grapes are moved and how the wine is created plays a big roll in the outcome and use. According to Wikipedia, Winemakers often keep their free-run juice and pressed wine separate (and perhaps even further isolate the wine produced by different pressure levels/stages of pressing) during much of the winemaking process to either bottle separately or later blend portions of each to make a more complete, balanced wine. In practice the volume of many wines are made from 85-90% of free-run juice and 10-15% pressed juice. This means that most of what is made is Free run due to it being a simpler process.


Our lives are as mirrors to Gods word. There are three different meanings in scripture for the word winepress. All three definitions lend to the processes and levels of wine making today. This word is found in several scriptures such as Isaiah 63:3, lamentations 1:15 and Judges 7:25. Winepress according to the word comes from a Hebrew word “Yeqeb”which means to excavate, a trough or place where juice drains. The other definition comes from the Hebrew word “purah” which means crushing grapes. The last meaning comes from the Hebrew word “gath” which means a vat for holding grapes and pressing them. We can see the patterns that reveal how grapes are picked, drained, crushed and pressed. Does this represent some of the areas of your life?

Looking Deeper.

What I love most about this study is the fact that the process of making something that is of so much value in the end can be connected to processes we endure in our lives everyday.  Some of us are “Free-run”.  Our free runners process though not as hurtful will still yield the results God intended.  For my free running friends your process just requires you to be drained and crushed so that God will use you the way He sees fit.  Free runners may not have to go through a process that is as vigorous but it is enough to get out what’s needed. Crushing grapes is as simple as bursting the skin and exposing the inner parts to the fermentation.  You will also find that most people will stay in the free run zone. Never truly challenged, stepped on, never truly pressed, set aside or hidden.  As a matter of fact studies show that the free run wines are frequently purchased and used.  Everyone loves free run wines because of the taste, It isn’t tough. But if you consider my favorite type of process and perfector, The Press run, you will find individuals who where separated, isolated, packaged differently from the rest, crushed and stepped on by several people.  How intense was your process? How many stepped on you or even hurt you in some way. When you where in your process was it smooth? Or was it like a bad machine being used to press grapes. This process may hurt, but when God gets finished you will most certainly be of the strong batch.  This takes nothing away from either group but it brings light that we all endure some type of crushing weather it’s pressure  or hurt but God will always have the final word. Where ever you are in your life be encouraged and know that the Steps of a good Man or woman are ordered by the Lord!!!


Check out these great videos that explain Better.

The Crushing 

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  1. I absolutely loved this. So rich and thorough. Truly a must read for the crushed, stepped on and isolated. Great work! ❤️

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