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BFA28901-18BB-493E-BD28-2C80B71CA0E3Welcome to our site! In 2007 I started a morning devotional called Good Morning Sunshine.  Each morning I would email scripture and encouragement to all the friends I knew.  At that time we didn’t know about Facebook in Okinawa so that was our devotion.  My husband and I received orders to come back to the US in 2010 and  we had to walk away from the church we were Pastors over since 2004. During our time in Arkansas while my husband was on recruiting duty I started 2 Devotionals. One on fitness and the other was Good morning Sunshine.  This group on Facebook was fun and I enjoyed the women I spoke into.  In 2013 I stopped posting because I reached a season of discouragement which recently ended at a She Speaks Conference.  I am so excited to present to some and introduce to others “Lift”.  This is a Devotional will bless inspire and encourage your walk as a woman, and a leader. Let’s lift up Jesus and lift and esteem one another!!


Today women don’t understand how valuable their role is  in their homes, ministries and lives.  God has called us to a season of “Becoming”.  The question is what are we becoming? Join our Devotionals, I pray God will help you understand your value and your worth.

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