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It would be amazing to win a multi-million dollar lottery. I can only imagine all the Louis Vuitton luggage and all of my favorite clothes and outfits. All of the money in the world coupled with traveling, cars and such can be prodigious and astounding for us as children of God. But it won’t compare to all of the wonderful things God has for us in eternity. Often times as a mom I pour out to my children things their hearts desire and more times then not I notice their ungratefulness towards my gift. Often times I feel as though what I endow my children with, lavishing them with things that I want them to have, is not apprised or esteemed. What I remember as a child is throwing myself towards my parents expressing the gratitude in my heart for what they do. Or at least that was how I remember. Gratitude is an attitude. Gratitude means expressed thankfulness for a deed. The Bible defines this as Thanksgiving which means an extension of the hand or adoration. To adore means to honor or worship.
It’s not enough to just possess materialistic things. The reality is that for some our true identity will manifest when Our assets proliferate. I do my very best to maintain humility in the midst of being aggrandized.
Be Grateful
A group from our church had an amazing opportunity to go on a mission trip to Honduras. God was evident in every detail of our trip. The ostensible purpose for this trip was to build a house for a family who did not have a home. The village we went to was full of homes built from solid concrete and brick cement small yet enough room to serve the purpose of needs. Even though these communities and families lived under impecunious circumstances with some families living indignant lives, they possessed a since of jubilance and contentedness. Their response to our willingness to assist them in this home was nothing short of indebtedness to God and his help. I remembered having trouble holding my tears back as he spoke to us in his language. The translator was speaking with such passion and the area we stood felt still. I could feel God pushing us closer to celebration for our brother as he adored God and us. One thing that I learned on this trip is that gratitude is contagious. When someone expresses gratitude for another it changes the fragrance of the relationship. Most times we don’t realize how powerful gratitude is. Learning to express gratitude is fuel to a persons life. 2 Thessalonians 1:3 says We ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love all of you have for one another is increasing. When our love for our brothers and sisters increases it is necessary for us to identify how important our affirmation is towards one another. It would be difficult for us to love without communication. In this scripture the apostle Paul was commending the church for their perseverance in the midst of persecution. He expressed gratitude for their maturity as well as growth. This is a great way to create moments of gratitude. Identifying growth in another persons life is a gift that helps people to continue to press in the path that they may be on.  Two of the most powerful words we can say can be so easy, yet we make it so difficult.  Our calling lies in the most precious moments we could have with other people.. Practicing showing gratitude is like a glass of lemonade.  Only you know who you can  give those moments to!!
The young family in the foreign country as well as the Apostle Paul where two examples that expressed gratitude. Let us continue to seek the moments like Paul did to affirm and build one another. When we can show gratitude effortlessly we will reap the abundance of others pouring out on us as well. Gratitude is the seed for more!!

Father you said in your word that we are chosen and royal priests. Help us to stand in our boldness and help us to continue to press into love for one another. I pray that you will continue to watch over us as we continue in your ways and your word. Build us up and teach us your ways, help us to operate with grateful hearts. Usher us to a place of joy and gratitude for all that you are doing.  Instill in us a since of contentedness and settle us in our spirits.  Show us how to express gratitude and appreciation for your kingdom and your children.  Help us to continue to extend grace to one another. In Jesus Name…

In His love

Erica Y. Irvin

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