Uncommon Obedience

img_6102It’s a tough world out there but God is a faithful and just God. He calls us to a life that follows His lead and it may not look the same for everyone. Some people may not understand your struggle but in the end you are accountable to obeying. I remember in elementary school when my teacher assigned me to feed the fish and collect homework assignments. I was so honored to have this responsibility because I felt as though my teacher counted on me to fulfill this. I wanted to do the best job possible so I arrived to class and fed the fish and collected assignments. Finally one of my closest friends suddenly began to distance herself from me. I don’t know what happened but looking back I can remember being teased because I was always being called on.  I actually got to a point that I did not want to be in this position because I felt that friends where more important and I was willing to sacrifice the very opportunities presented so that I would not find myself alone and that it was more important then obedience.   What is obedience? It submissive to the restraint or command of authority Or amiable, biddable or docile.  And when I think of uncommon it means not ordinarily encountered.  This is the type of obedience God wants.  I just don’t know what that looks like for you This could be you.  Are you struggling with relationships because God has called you to a place uncommon?  God wants you to submit to His will and it may be unique and not look like everyone and this is something only you and God can determine so If you are take courage and don’t try to find commonality when God called you as the creator. You may be called to be a blueprint and You are looking for established community where you should be a trailblazer who creates the community.  Moses was a great example of what that looked like because he had no idea where he was going but only trusted Gods voice in the midst of all the complaints and the distance between him and the children of Israel.  It doesn’t have to be as specific and similar as my story but everyone has a story they have that God calls them to obedience and God calls them to that place of uncommon obedience. This is the place that few will understand because they may not have experienced it. I can’t tell you enough how important it is to follow the path of uncommon obedience that God has for your life. Doing this will require some strength for your wins and losses, some courage, trust, willingness to walk alone, understanding that everyone won’t agree with you and that’s ok, understanding that you don’t need a lot of friends but one maybe two good ones is enough, lastly authenticity.  These ingredients mixed with faith will help you to get where you need to be!! This is important because you are the difference. You are the one that had the courage to stand in the midst of betrayal, rejection and loneliness. You are the medicine that God has prescribed to the particular area He has called you to!! So when God speaks to you and. Calls you to an uncommon obedience follow Him. If you are blessed enough that God sends one person to uplift and keep you encouraged on your journey cherish them and remember Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.img_6103  There are few that will understand your passions but the ones that do will be blessed and encouraged. Remember everyone has a different journey and path to follow so try not to judge people’s walks if they don’t look like yours. We have all been given the measure of faith that we need to execute what we need to execute.  Sure it may get lonely and many won’t walk the same path but if you trust God your steps will usher you to places that those who chose to stay common would only dream of.

Be encouraged today 💕💕💕

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