Ornaments of Grace

img_5794It has been so heartbreaking watching our community get throw all of the Hurricane loss.  The look in the eyes of some of the displaced made it obvious that they lost more then items.  This hurricane took lives, homes, items and dignity. Never in my time here did I think that I would see so many people that needed basic necessities.  The pictures of homes destroyed is just the surface of all that was lost.  Seeing Gods hand move in our community was just the sunrise we needed though as volunteers rushed to homes that had damage in yards, roofs and water damage.  It was a sign that brotherly love still exists in a world that may face deviation.  We drew closer as a boy of Christ and community as the waters flooded and devoured our homes but not our missional hearts.  Often times we forget that God has called us not only to the world but also to our community.  It’s so easy for me to fulfill a mission in another country because I can do what is necessary, build a home put smiles on peoples faces, be kind and pour out without looking for it back. But somehow when we remain local we look for a return. We must remember that Our Nieghbor’s are just as much a part of that work.  During this hurricane I watched how much people wanted to give out and not looking for a return. This is loving one another.  We know the love we have for Christ by the love we have one for another. Both sides can be rewarded in this catastrophe, the one who lost and the one who gave.  When we are not in crisis it can become difficult to determine who has genuine need so our expectations are for people to return what we gave.  We must remember that it is so important for us to have the same heart when there is no crisis as we do when there is none. We don’t get to put a thermostat on someones trouble and say return it.  Our ability to love and pour must be the same each time. Whichever side you fall on God Loves you and God sends us people as extensions of his Grace. God sends us ornaments who are people to extend what we may need.  This hurricane has made one thing clear to me.  I need you just as much as you need me!!!

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