The Waterpot 💧

29EE7F9F-4327-4568-A0EB-88F466C69048In the book of John chapter 2 verse 1-11 begins the season that Jesus started to perform miracles. In this chapter Jesus and His disciples was called to a wedding.  The attendees wanted wine but they had none.  Of course Jesus Mother knew that Her son was capable and she puts a demand on Christ and tells Jesus they had no wine.  I am sure that this embarrassed Jesus to be put in the spot to reveal His powers.  Jesus responded to His Mother by saying in verse 4, “Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come.” John‬ ‭2:4‬ ‭His mother replies in the next verse by telling them to do what He says.  There is something about this chapter that highlights our enate ability to humble ourselves out of Greatness.  When the doors of opportunity are opened in our lives our first response is to give reasons why we are not able to do what is required.  In Jesus case he said that His hour had not come.  How many opportunities have we avoided because we felt we were not ready or not good enough?  How many times have we convinced ourselves that we did not qualify for a job, friends, or opportunity that could have been beneficial to our growth.  Our children are in High School now but I know that I constantly tell them that it is a bad thing to settle to fit in with people that don’t try to apply themselves.  When we settle for mediocre we are giving ourselves permission to be lazy.  It is so important for us to acknowledge the greatness that is in us and not to allow ourselves to be inbetween by functioning in the mediocrity lane.  Give yourself permission to walk out your moments and never allow yourself to function below all that God created you to be.  In verse 7 Jesus gave instructions to fill the waterpots with water.  The waterpots were significant in that day because it was the place or vessel that contained the family supply.  It was necessary for the containers to be used in miracles because it carried things from either place.  God has called you to be a vessel.  Vessels can be containers and also can be a person into whom a quality such as grace is infused.  We are storages of Gods Goodness.  I believe in this scripture Jesus was the vessel used to bring the miracle to the wedding.  The best part is that Jesus mother over looked his statement about not being ready and she pushed him.  Have you ever been pushed in a moment to do something you felt you were not capable of?  Have you ever had a loved one that saw the greatest in you and did not allow you to talk yourself out of a waterpot moment God wanted you to behold?  Waterpots don’t have significant beauty to them, they may not be appealing but they do have a purpose.  Just because we may not look the part that doesn’t mean we aren’t.  It’s not about parts and appearance as much as it is about purpose.  It is time that we identified our waterpot moments and allow the miracles to flow from our obedience.  Your waterpot can be anything that is used to fulfill a purpose that God intended.  Consider you Life and all the moments that God gives you to fulfill your purpose.  Maximize them with full obedience to the Father.

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