Working Through Distractions

Good Morning Sunshine!! Remember not to allow anyone or anything to distract you from reaching your fullest potential. If you quit now you will never know how the story will end. Distractions should be used to your advantage… They should make you finish with greater determination. Don’t worry about rejection but surround yourself with people that know how to hold you accountable and know how to celebrate with you as well. Stay away from Sanballets “Secret Enemies”. Those are the worst ones. They come around as you are building only to criticize your every brick and every point of growth. Those individuals will tear you down piece by piece and eventually discourage you from finishing what you started. Do yourself a favor and remember that people are counting on you to stay focused. God wants us to become disciplined… True discipleship is true Discipline. Keep on building!!! Nehemiah 6:3 I WILL NOT COME DOWN. Have a wonderful day Sunshine!!!


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